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For about 5 or 6 years now I have been building up my internet client lists by GIVING IT AWAY on the internet....[by charging $5.00 shipping/handling]...All the while I was using those free webhosts with the generic names....The major 'edge' I have is marketing correctly [both with search engines[SEO] and WEB 2.0] .In other words I GET ALOT OF 'HITS' ON MY WEBSITE....Recently I registered 'freejewelryoffers.net' because freejewelryoffers.com was taken.....Then,, I started thinking 'I bet there are alot of people like me who want to.

1. Get rid of stock that doesn't move fast enough.

2.Make a few 'easy dollars'.

3. BUILD UP A E-COMMERECE mailing list.

4. Tons of other reasons to advertise on the internet for 'short' money..

So I decided to seperate 'freejewelryoffers.net' into catagories and offer it to to people like myself... WE ALL HAVE STOCK we need to move along...Am I right?

So here's what I have in mind. It's your option to place a 'text link', a 'banner ad' or a 'animated gif or jpeg link' to your website or special web page in any one of the catagories for only $99.00 per year.... If less than $2.00 per week is too steep then you are really not in business and are kidding yourself.. "STILL CONFUSED?". email me {roland@freejewelryoffers.net} and we will work out the details. ....GIVE IT A "SHOT".. just email me at rolwells@yahoo.com .....thanks.